Brexit & our business

Following all the speculation around the way businesses have been affected by Brexit, and events that have been happening in Westminster with debates & votes around Brexit we would like to provide an update our business position in relation to Brexit preparations.

Like many businesses, we have been watching the discussions around Brexit, paying attention to comments from bodies such around the business industry. Our group of companies reach a wide sector, and as such they are affected by factors from different places and different ways.

However, we can confirm that so far we are not affected in any way by Brexit. We haven’t seen any price increases as a result of events surrounding Brexit and Westminster. Following the release of the ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ documents by the government in preparation for a no-deal Brexit, we currently don’t envision any issues whether there is any kind of deal or a no-deal Brexit.

We will not become complacent, we will continue to monitor events and provide updates should they be required, and we are ready to act to mitigate any issues should they arise.

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